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High Salvage:

Resist, Recover, Resurrect

ISBN 978-1-914324-02-4

176mm x 250mm size, 110 pages, B&W and full colour,

December, 2021

£12.00 (including p&p)

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High Salvage

Resist, Recover, Resurrect

High Salvage is the culmination of a project engendered by a masterclass led by Iain Sinclair, the writer-in-residence at the University of Surrey for the past three years.  Iain’s journey with Surrey began with Unlocking the Grid, a creative initiative, which sent writers out to discover their environs, one map grid of Guildford at a time.  One year later, the High Salvage writers, by now in the grip of the second lockdown, were forced to look inwards.  The result is this collection of poetry and prose and something between the two, offering up a reflective state of mind, which salvages something of what has gone before as we look forward.  It follows a thread of resistance against the limits imposed on the human condition, a recovery of the lost and finally a resurrection from the embers of what remains. The book contains an introduction by Iain Sinclair, and includes work by:

* Tenikah Beveney * Lara Black * Gigi Bushell * Alison Cooper * Trevor Datson * Chiara Fumanti * Geneviève Grant * Sharron Green * Alan McKenzie * Hilary Macey-Dare * Stephen Mooney * Gillian Moran * Laurs Oakley * Astra Papachristadoulou * Vassilena Parashkevova * Iain Sinclair * Frankie Walters

You can view readings from High Salvage on YouTube and Vimeo

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